GB Land Engineering Limited Scotlands No 1 Drilling & Ground Stabalisation Company

GB Land Engineering Limited has its base at Five Sisters Business Park near West Calder in West Lothian.

The Company, whilst being a new name in the drilling and grouting business, have key staff who between them have some 80 years of experience in drilling and associated works.

We are all keen under the new banner to move forward in the following areas:-

  • Drilling and grouting of abandoned mineworkings.
  • General mineral investigations by probing, to ascertain the condition of any type of mineworkings underlying potential development sites.
  • Specific mineral investigation to ascertain mineral strata formation for use in the minerals extraction industry.
  • Drilling of geothermal boreholes for the insertion of geoloops (heat exchangers) for groundsource heat pumps.
  • Drilling of medium size water wells.

Our current fleet consists of some 8 no. drilling rigs (rotary & rotary percussion) and 5 no. grout mixers along with the associated plant and equipment necessary to carry out contracts of any value.